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happening, and if it does happen, scrape it off. don't char the meat. in the meantime until next week, you can talk to me online at or on twitter. now, let's get things going in cnn. from the cnn headquarters in atlanta this is cnn sunday morning. extreme heat baking half of the country and more than 300,000 still without power and at least 30 dead. a cold front is on the way, but relief may come at a dangerous price. plus, a new discovery about a mystery illness. children dying from a frightening infection that kills within days. and later, a mexican drug cartel busted on u.s. soil, and three tons of marijuana and $2 million in cash and you will million in cash and you will never believe what else.
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-- captions by vitac -- good mornings, everyone, i'm randi kaye and thank you for starting the morning with us. we begin this hour with the h t heat. it has been so bad that 30 deaths across the united states are blame hed on the heat wave. we get more from melissa rainy. >> reporter: saturday brought another day of blistering heat and in some areas that is more triple temperatures. people are looking for relief wherever they can find it. >> it feels great. it feels so wonderful. it beats the heat for sure. >> reporter: in chicago, the heat buckled roadways and some residents gave up and fled the city. >> in chicago, it was 105 and felt like 112, so we came up here to escape the heat.
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>> reporter: but a cold front is expect ed expected in the coming days. >> looking forward to the 80 degree weather and even 89 sounds great. >> reporter: forecasters say that cooler air will move across the upper midwest and into the great lakes and the northeast which brings some comfort for the hundreds of thousands who are still without power after last weekend's storms. in west virginia, more than 160,000 people remain in the dark and sweltering with no work working fans or air conditioning. >> 93 degrees. >> reporter: refridge traitors and freezers shut down when the power went out forcing some residents to rely on food pantries to get by. >> larger request in the past few days and we are scroungering around trying to keep up with the demand. >> reporter: i'm melissa rainy, cnn. and check out the weather map, because the cold front is coming down from the great lakes, but a warning while the
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temperatures are dropping, there is a threat of severe storms following that very same path. we could see lightning, hail and some severe winds. this morning, two indiana parents are accused of leaving their babies in hot cars in the middle of the blistering heat wave. one of them actually die d. police in greenfield say this man left his 4-month-daughter in a car for an extended period of time with temps around 103 degrees and the baby later died in the hospital. 25 miles a wway in the town of fisher this mom is accused of neglecting her 16-month-old daughter by leaving her in a car at a shopping mall. hillary clinton made it clear that time is running out for syria's government. she talked about high level defections from the syrian military and the growing strength of the opposition forces. >> the future to me should be abundantly clear to those who support the assad regime. the days are numbered.
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>> clinton was in tokyo for a donors conference on afghanistan where $16 billion was pledged to help the country's transition. now i want to show you what happens when a political debate gets out of hand. watch this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> oh, yeah, first the shoe and then the gun. the man on the right is a member of the jordanian parliament and then he first threw the shoe and then he pulled out the gun. they were separated and if you are wondering what prompted this, the member on the left called the member of the parliament a crook. to politics now and a not so ringi ining endorsement by romn >> there was a woman who said in
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a crowd to a fund-raiser by john b boehner, make me love romney. and boehner said people are not going to fall in love with mitt romney, and he said that most voters are going to be voting for or against barack obama and not for a specific republican nominee. well, mitt romney can count on one supporter being by his side and that is rob portman. if you don't know that name, the ohio senator is on the short list of vice presidential possibilities, and he may be cementing that spot with appearances on romney's behalf. >> we have a great choice of selections and one candidate who has put in place that he thought was right and made promises as to what the results would be and they have not work. we have another candidate who has the record, and the experience and the policies to turn it around. >> portman will be in boston tomorrow raising money for romney. the other favorite for the vp spot marco rubio will do the
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same friday. rubio has said he does not want the number two spot, but many say he could be swayed. and barney frank is a married man. the long time congressman from massachusetts married his long-time partner in boston. that makes him the only married person in congress. they promised to love each other in sickness and health in congress and retirement and in richer and poorer under the democrats or the republicans, and for better or worse on nbc or fox as both as you both shall live. that is the vow. and monday could be tough for all of us who use the internet, because there is a computer virus that is infecting thousands of computers and it appears that the only way that the fbi can fix it is to shut down servers who provide your internet service. if you are not sure that your computer is one of the 70,000 that is infected we have the resident expert to show you how.
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here is hln's clark howard. this when so easy helps you to have a couple of clicks to not let your computer become a doorstop next week. this web address you click on detect and then you go to the link for your country and for most of the viewers the united states and if you are a canadian viewer, click there, and then you click on that and you will see, bam, my computer is a-h okay, and if it wasn't, we would go back to the very beginning and do the diagnostic to fix the computer so that my computer would work next week. >> got that? i hope you were taking notes from clark there. and be sure to check your computer and hopefully it is not one of the infected ones. choose your history at wimbledon today.
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do you root fut for the hometow hero or the swiss champ who is ticking off titles? we will take you there live. [ male announcer ] summer is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. the mercedes-benz summer event with two times the points onake lunch dining in restaurants,ch? you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too. we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz now for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st. that was a day to remember and today could be, too. get the berries and cream ready, because it is almost time for the first serve at wimbledon. this morning, it is the men's turn to crown a champ. >> hoorah, hoorah! >> i am sure you can guess who they are routing for, yes,
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british tennis star andy murray who is looking to become the first home country champ in more than seven decades. amanda davies is there live for us this morning. so much pressure on andy ur many ri today, amanda. >> yes, we are about an hour a waway from the players walking out on to the court here, randi, but andy murray says that the pressure is not on him, but he believes it is on roger federer, because he is going for the pete sampras seven-crown. and his face is plastered on the front and the back of the pages here in britain and estimated 20 million people are expected to be watching on television, because for the last 76 years, all of the talk has been about one man and that is fred perry, the last british player to win the men's singles title here, but andy murray has the chance
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to become the player that future players are measured against. fans are camping out here in the fields of wimbledon since saturday morning to get their hands on one of those tickets the prized tickets to get inside of the all england club to watch the match. but murray does have a lot of support, but roger federer has picked up a few supporters here over the years as well. >> roger is going to win the title today and get back to the number and beat all of the records that, you know, he is supposed to. >> but is murray going to win? >> oh, yes. >> come on, andy. it is about time. federer's time is gone. it is time for new blood, i think. >> so there is a real split here, randi, and people going with the heart or their head. i will tell you one thing though with the jubilee and andy murray this weekend i wish i had been clever enough to set up a union jack business a few months ago. >> you mentioned a lot is at stake for andy murray and roger
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federer, because he could get the number one status back, right? this is a very big deal for him as well. >> yes, it is a very big deal for roger federer, and he is the odds on favorite going into this one, because he is roger federer basically and dominated for so many years here on the grass looking, looking for the seventh ti title, but interestingly he has not won a title here at wimbledon since 2009 and some people are suggesting that his star is on the wane, but mark woodward i spoke to him yesterday said that might make him a tougher opponent because he knows that the finals are that much more special, because he does not make the finals every tournament, and so a tougher task for andy murray. murray has a better head to head record when they have played each other. but murray has never picked up a set against federer when they have met in grand slam matches
5:15 am
and federer has the experience of play hg the big games and the big finals here, but murray has lendl in his corner, and he had lost one before he won one and murray has lost three and two of those beaten by federer, but many believe that it could be andy murray's time. >> and what about the queen? is she expected to be in the royal box today? >> there was some suggestion that the queen is coming, but now we know she is not coming. we know that the duchess of cambridge is coming, kate middleton, and we know that prince william has a prior engagement, but we don't know if she will be colling with her s sister and mother, and the beckhams are expected to attend is the prime minister david cameron, so some supporters in high places for andy murray. it is inkr credible looking on
5:16 am
twitter and the newspapers and everybody has been having the say on andy murray and it is interesting, because there is a complete divide whether people think it is murray or federer going home with the men's singles title later today. >> yeah, i'm having a tough time figuring out who i want to win this one. amanda davies, enjoy yourself there. here is a look at what folks are checking out at this morning. the most popular story is the internet blackout. it could come tomorrow to thousands of americans. if your pc is infected withty vg you about. and the euro fell to a two-year low to the dollar friday. and who could resist this one hem layian viagara taking a toll. and he calls it the epidemic of his time. we will have a report next. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ and so no one gets left behind, check out our affordable xuv 550s at ♪ u.s. aid in africa is making great strides in fighting aids so why is it that so many americans think that foreign aid
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is a waste? i am joined by our regular contributor nick kristoff, and your column today is about u.s. foreign aid and the effect on the world. what did you find when you were fighting aids in africa? >> 5.4 million of them have died in the last decade and what did i know? >> well, the aids pictures in southern africa has been transformed. randi, i used to go a few years ago and when you would travel in africa, it was devastated by aids, and children were too sick to go to school, and people too sick to even farm. and pepfar started by president bush and the global fund that the global world supports, but people are not dying in the numbers like they used to. >> but polls indicate, nick, 6 of 10 americans believe in
5:20 am
cutting foreign aid and believe it amounted to 25% federal spending, and is that fact overficti overfiction? >> it is fiction. people believe it is a quarter of the budget and they want it slashed to 10%, but foreign aid amounts to about 1% of the federal spending, and in fact, the humanitarian component of it is only about half of 1%. >> how much further do you believe we need to go? no doubt we have made progress, but where should we get to? >> well, on aids we have been pretty good on the treatment side of it and once people are infected we are good at providing treatment to help people stay alive. and one thing that we have done very well is prevention. there are campaigns about abstinence and being faithful to your partner and for whatever reason that has not worked terribly well. people are aware of the danger, but it just seems remote, and they continue to have
5:21 am
unprotected sex, and one of the areas of prevention now emphasized is male circumcision, because where it is passed heterosexually in a large part of the population, that has a large part of the reduction of the transmission. >> and just for the viewers who are not familiar with the column, explain what it is and how it came about. >> well, this was a initiative by president bush, and i in general have not been a huge fan of president bush, but this was a tremendous thing that he did that i don't think that those of us more on the liberal end of the spectrum have given him adequate credit for. it has kept millions of people alive and it has turned the tide of aids in southern africa at a r relatively modest cost. he announced it in 2003.
5:22 am
it came about partly as a result of the pressure from evangelical christians on the white house to do more on aids, and it has just been an extraordinary success. >> do the critics have a valid point when it comes to criticizing the spend ing of ths money? >> i think that it is fair to say that one of the problems is that proponents of aids, and sometimes don't adequately acknowledge how complicated it is. how often we misfire and try the strategies that fail when aids people were slow to encourage testing and slow to move to male circumcision and wasted money on the abstinence only programs which did not work. but we have to take it in context and at the end of the day, there are millions of people who are alive today and millions more who are not en infected and millions more who did not go hungry because their parents are not sick. we have done something truly extraordinary in fighting the great epidemic of our times and
5:23 am
i think that the reason we should find pride in that and not reach for the cleaver to slash it. >> nick kristoff, another great column of course, and our viewers can find it at new york thank you very much. have a great sunday. >> thank you, randi. new information this morning on the deadly outbreak in cambodia. it has killed 64 children so far and officials think they may have found the source now. it is a virus that call ev-71, and effects are range from a cold to polio-like paralysis to the death, and there is no vaccine for this virus. adults with a healthy immune system can fight it, but children are more vulnerable. back here in the u.s., it is one of the amazing stories to come out of the fires in the southwest. a burned golden eagle, but found alive on the fourth of july, and wait until you hear how he survived.
5:24 am
5:25 am
checking on some stories make making news cross country now. when a truck driver in ohio made a turn off of the freeway, he probably didn't expect this. his rig overturned there at the gas station right near that set of pumps. there are reports that the brakes failed and the driver said that the load inside of his truck shifted causing this. wow. the workers say that his ability behind the wheel certainly
5:26 am
helped to prevent what could have been a big disaster if he had hit the pumps head-on. in arizona, investigators broke up a drug ring that is run by a mexican cartel. they seized three tons of marijuana and $2 million in cash and an airplane. it is one of the nation's treasures and now the public will be on board of the "uss iowa" one of the battleships for the last time. it is turned into a floating museum docked just off of los angeles. no other battle ships were built after world war ii. and check out this video, one of the cutest and the most amazing survivors of the utah wildfire, a baby golden eagle was burned when a fire ungulfed his nest and his feet and beak are recovering and that is the
5:27 am
good news. but it is too early to tell if he can fly again. our reporter from our affiliate ktsu has the story. >> for him to survive something like that is outstanding. i mean, there's no words for i. >> reporter: is the the story of the eagle starts on june 1st when he was photographed by kent keller. >> he is a bird bander so he goes up to band the birds in the nest. that gives us longevity nests of what is going on and the nesting behaviors and that type of stuff. >> reporter: in a nest on a ledge high above the community -- >> june 1st. >> reporter: the fires began burning, and there were thousands of acres burned including the nest where the eagle resided. >> kent went back to get the information on the band and -- >> and so he thought he would
5:28 am
find a dead bird? >> yes. >> but he found this eagle? >> yes. >> reporter: nicknamed phoenix, he truly did rise from the ashes. >> the ashes were all over the top of the head and the wings and the feet. >> you can see the shaft up here, still growing, but they are done for. >> reporter: the handlers say he has a long way to go, but the future looks promising. >> we are hoping to release him. that is the goal of the program to get him back out into the wild. >> what an amazing story. we will of course be keeping eye on phoenix's recovery and update you on that. thank you to the affiliate wksu for that story. and the swing state voters and what we will focus on in the political week ahead. wherever the wind takes me.
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. welcome back to cnn sunday morning, i'm randi kay. bottom of the hour now, and here are some of the stories we are watching this hour. there may be relief on the way for some tof the people who are
5:32 am
melting in 100-degree heat in the past week. a cold front sounds good, doesn't it? this is what it looks like on the map. a welcomed sight, but i have to tell you that the weather change could bring strong storms and damaging winds and even hail in some parts. to russia where flash flooding has killed at least 150 people. it happened in southern russia near the black sea. people climbed into the trees and the rooftops to escape the rising water. the russian president vladimire putin is touring the area and promising to rebuild the homes lost in the flood. and back home, retired congressman barney frank made history with his "i do." he married his long time partner and that makes the first member of congress with a same-sex marriage while still in office. and in 30 minutes the first serve in wimbledon and the men's final today, andy murray and roger federer who is going for his seventh wimbledon title while murray hopes to become the
5:33 am
first british winner at wimbledon since 1938. and now to politics, president obama spent the last few days of the week in pittsburgh while mitt romney campaigned in new hampshire. but now it is back to the grind. cnn political editor paul steinhauser has more on the political events that we need to be watching this week. >> good morning, randi. after a week on vacation with his family mitt romney returns to the campaign trail and starting the week in colorado reaching out to voters and fund raising in the important rocky mountain state. >> i need colorado's vote. >> reporter: and the president will hit the trail in iowa, and his fourth trip to the swing state this year. >> something about coming to iowa. >> reporter: and rick santorum will thank voters for the state that gave him the first victory in the race for the presidency. and rick santorum was the last
5:34 am
opponent before dropping out of the race. and vice president joe biden will speak in houston at the naacp as will mitt romney. and then president obama will head to another important state, virginia. randi? creating shock waves around the world and how a ban brings the jewish and the muslim commu communities together in a fight over their freedoms. first, good morning to new york city, with a beautiful day shaping up. certainly looks that way. thank you for watching "cnn sunday morning." but thanks to the htc one x from at&t, with its built in beats audio, every note sounds amazingly clear. ...making it easy to get lost in the music... and, well...
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here's a question, should parents religious beliefs trump the child's medical care? that is the debate raging this week about how young boys should be able to give their consent before being circumcision. in most religions it is a parent
5:38 am
decision, but there is a rulingf after a boy developed complications after being circumcised. and they said that freedom of religion is highly valued in our constitution and cannot be the pl play-thing of a one-dimensional case law. blatant and inadmissible interference -- we are joined by our guest rabbi this morning. >> it is that the judge's opinion rejects that circumcision has medical benefits in prevents aids, and that is foolproof, and the fact that he ignores it is perplexing and surprising. >> some would say this is an
5:39 am
intrusion, and isn't it important to look after the health of these young boys, but you are saying that is exactly what circumcision does. >> that is interestingly not the reason for circumcision. circumcision is a religious obligation and expresses the covenant with god, however in the jewish tradition and for ex example in the book of leviticur that anything that harms the body is fored bidden, such as tattoos. according to the jewish law if a mother has a child and the child dies as a result of the circumcision, any future children do not have to be circumcised. >> it is a mistake for any judge to say say that circumcision is an unhealthy decision? >> yes, 4,000 years of history
5:40 am
proves otherwise. >> have you seen anything like this, and any medical problems resulting from circumcision? >> in germany, just minor complications. some bleeding and tended to as a result, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, there is no problems and on rare occasion, a minor problem that is addressed too quickly. >> have you spoken to the fellow rabbis or the congregation about this? >> yes. my colleague in berlin, germany, on cnn international also made a statement about this. >> what have the two of you shared? >> you know, the concern that the judge's opinion may influence in the future, and any issues concerning circumcision or any effort to try to ban it in the future. >> in a way, it's the -- there's really two issues here, the health and the medical aspect of the case and then also the religious tradition. >> right. >> and so how do you find that the common ground there?
5:41 am
>> well, i don't think that the religious tradition is in any conflict with the health and the medical benefits. the whole idea of circumcision from the religious perspective is to recognize that not only is our soul holy, but so is the body, and it is a temple of the soul and to sanctify the body and recognize the importance. >> and if the ban does go through, what will the jews in the region do? >> if there is a ban, they will have to travel outside of that region to have the circumcision. >> all right. i nknow you will be continuing o watch this case very closely. rabbi, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> and for more stories on faith, be sure to check out our widely popular belief blog on it is black and white all over and showing up for the first time in 24 years. in tokyo, the crowds are making sure to take it all in. we will go to the tokyo zoo for the big event. i don't spend money on gasoline.
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>> that little squeaker, and it is panda mania in tokyo. can you hear him squeaking? days ago a giant panda has given birth at the zoo there and it is the first panda born in tokyo in 24 years. japan is celebrating the cub's birth with shops selling merchandise and panda bakery treat treats. those look good. 6-year-old shin shin who was on loan from china gave birth to the little panda who has yet to be named. let's head to washington now and cnn's "state of the union" coming up at the top of the hour and host candy crowley joining us this morning. candy, good morning. >> good morning. >> and so you and the rest of washington have been caught in the middle of the brutal heat
5:46 am
wave and like the rest of the country 25 states under heat advisory and record temperatures all over the place, and what is it like in d.c., and isn't this a test of the country's infrastructure? >> yes, and you add on the of it the wind storm that kept the lights out in a number of states for far too many days into the heat wave. and west virginia, i am sure you are reporting still has folks out of it and folks around here who still don't have air conditioning and you can talk about the olden days when there was not air conditioning, but onceous are used to it the 103 and the 104 is hot. it is like a blast furnace when you walk out of the front door. >> that is the central place, and don't you have people in the white house to call and say, fix this up. get it going? >> this is one of my biggest problems here is that i think, here we are, and there is the president of the united states and congress, all of whom apparently kept their electricity, and you are thinking if it takes six days to get the lights back on, what would we do if something more
5:47 am
serious had happened. it is the infrastructure isn't there at this point. and i think that everybody kind of knows that, but we seem to say this after every storm. >> yes, i agree and seen it many times. all right. let's talk about the show today, because you have another set of exclusives with two men who have a strong interest in the outcome of the presidential election this year. >> yes, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who would dearly like to be senate majority leader, and lot of it depends on the toch tickp of the ticket do. the ballot and the first is president, and that choice has a lot to do with who you pick down ballot, and mitch mcconnell definitely has a lot of skin in the game as they say. so, you know, we want to talk to him about how he thinks that mitt romney has been doing, and a rough week for the romney campaign, and robert gibbs, the senior adviser to the obama campaign and the economic numbers we got this week not so great and the question is, is
5:48 am
there some sort of floor where the figures could go when it begins to hurt the president, because so far, he has been certainly able to keep this a tie if not keep an advantage in so some of the polls we are seeing. >> well, that is an interesting conversation and we are look forward to it. keep cool in washington. >> well, it is cool here. >> and thank you, candy for that, and of course, stay here for "state of the union" with candy crowley, and set your clocks at 9:00 a.m. eastern and 6:00 a.m. pacific. and is it fair to call mitt romney a flip-flopper? we will be joined by dino when we come back. born on the bayou♪
5:49 am
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♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you >> take a look at the cake. happy birthday ringo, and believe it or not a beatle, yes, a beatle is 72. ringo starr has never slowed
5:52 am
down and yesterday i had the chance to speak to ringo on his birthday and he was as charming as ever. i asked him about his legacy with that band that we all know and love. >> every generation listens to the beatles. you know, the kids today are listening to the beatles, and their fathers and grandfathers listen. you know, we are still out selling most acts. >> i hope he had a great birthday. let's talk about the presidential politics, yes, the democrats and the republicans. and you may be talking or possibly arguing with your loved one ones at breakfast right now about who to vote for in november. my guest and former attorney dinoobeidallah has something to say. thank you for joining me. >> glad to be here, randi. >> you wrote this op-ed for and getting thousands of comments and reaction of critical of mitt romney's decision-making, but at the same time you say he is not a flip-flopper. >> yes. that is what i say.
5:53 am
i'll be honest because technically mitt romney has flipped more than a japanese acrobat and some people in the circus will be amazed by the dexterity. and the talking points are useless and not helpful. mitt romney is a businessman and he will tell you that. he was a governor for four years and the rest of the life he was a businessman, and if you have a product that does not work, you remarket it. and i want people to understand it. i am not saying it is good for bad, but it is for each person to decide who you want to see as president. >> in the op-ed, and this is a direct quote here for the viewers. romney's changing views are neither sudden nor unexpected but astutely calculated by romney the businessman to appeal to the kcustomers he's targetin
5:54 am
agent that very moment. but aren't all politicians marketing to the base? >> yes, they are. and don draper would be especially impressed with mitt romney from the "matd men." and it is each politician, the product is you. like in sales, you are selling yourself, and they do e vvolve d they do in time they will change. a lot of times for the better. but i just want people to look at the mitt romney's record and you have to understand if you want somebody who is an ideologue or someone who is more pragmatic. i think they mitt romney is pragmatic and if that is what you want, that is a good leader, but there are questions of the evolution on the key issues over ten years on abortion, gun control and health care and that makes you question the veracity that i raise. >> and i want to ask you about the talking points, but didn't he do just what john kerry did in 2004. >> yes, remember president john kerry? no, there is no president john
5:55 am
kerry, because the flip-flopping label does stick. and i'm not saying to dismiss mitt romney because he has evolved in issues over time, but you have to look at how he vol vs and looks at the marketplace like a ceo and in massachusetts looking as a governor and gives the left leaning message and on the national stage, he moves the product and himself to match the target market. that is what he is about. there are benefits to that. and believe me, we live in the hyp hyperpartisan world. look at the congress. the rating is below her peace at this moment and we want a politician who can be responsive but is he going to listen to us or sometimes you have a president who will make the unpopular decisions. i wonder if he can do that. >> and the change or the evolution which i hate to use the word, because it is overused, but we can change opinions, right? it is expected. >> my opinions have changed in the last hour. all of our opinions change, but all you have to measure someone
5:56 am
who is running for elected position and mitt romney is running for the leader of the free world is based on the track record and if he is saying things that are sounding good to us, but ten years ago had a difference of the fundamental decision, is he just telling us what we want to hear or sticking to it? is he principled? believe me, some people would love pragmatism, but you may not get the person you want, because he may evolve to base it on public opinion. >> and what about president obama because he had the evolution on the gay marriage and the same-sex marriage. >> i agree. and we should not have people signing the tax pledges like grover norquist, i will never raise taxes and be rigid and not flexible at all. that is not going to help the country. i am not saying you should not evolve, and however with mitt it is not one issue but many. that is the key to understanding mitt romney. he is a businessman and some people may think it is the best
5:57 am
thing in the world. i have questions about veracity, but it is for the voters to decide. >> how much attention do to voters pay attention to this in. >> well, in the last three minutes, randi, you and i are the most important. who needs wolf blitzer. it is the summer and the vacation ground and i'm background noise to people, but perhaps closer to the fall, people will focus on it, and it will koum again and don't be dismissive to mitt romney as a flip-flopper, and understand him and understand the core. you may like that and that may be admirable to you. >> okay. we will check out the op-ed at, and if you want to read it at home, go to >> thank you. for folks in san diego, california, it may have gone too fast for july fourth.
5:58 am
here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: you are looking at fireworks where the fireworked, but just not the timing. ♪ we will rock you >> reporter: it really rocked san diego. all of the fireworks intended for an entire 20-minute show went off at the same time. it was over in under 30 seconds. >> thank you. this has been this year's firework demonstration. >> reporter: you know, it is always hard to tell when a fireworks display is over. and you are always asking, is that the finale? was that it? same here. >> that was it. >> maybe that was everything. >> that wasn't supposed to happen, was it? >> no way. >> no way. >> did they just all go off at once? >> you betcha. garden state fireworks a company famous more the shows says that the snafu may have been causeded by a corrupted file resulting in a computer glitch that launched every single firework. garden state's co-owner august
5:59 am
santore. >> i wish i could unring a bell, but i can't. >> reporter: in short the intense show was a disappointment to some, but not all. >> i was not expecting that. that was awesome. >> what a good start. you don't often see the grand finale at the beginning. >> reporter: on the internet they call it a epic fail, but it happened too late to be included in this -- ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> reporter: the ultimate fireworks compilation set to music. ♪ wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind you ♪ >> reporter: at least no one was hurt in the san diego blowout. the coast guard had a technical term for the fireworks fiasco. >> premature ignition. >> reporter: leaving one person

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